High Intensity Laser Therapy In Garden City NY

High Intensity Laser Therapy In Garden City NY

Safe & Effective
This High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) is a device that had been approved by the FDA. This treatment option is unique in its ability to penetrate through bone, soft tissue and muscle to heal the tissue at the cellular level.

A Unique Approach
As we know there is a wide variety of options for treating both acute and chronic pain, while most of these treatments focus on the symptoms HILT works on the cause. Medications and injections may provide short-term relief but they do not address the issue at hand – once the medication wears off, the pain returns. These medications along with more invasive procedures pose serious potential side effects. Sometimes another form of treatment can even be surgery, this can be expensive and carries its own set of major risks, recovery can last for weeks or months and the success rates are not as high as one might expect.

HILT is Different…
HILT is a non-invasive treatment that focuses on the tissue that is damaged not merely a symptom of the injury. It repairs the tissue from the inside out.

The laser used at our clinic is a Class IV, therapeutic laser. Our laser is multiple times stronger than other lasers in the market, which enables deeper penetration into the tissue.

Is it Safe?
YES. Laser therapy is FDA approved for treating pain. This Laser therapy has no known side effects when used by a properly trained professional.

What to Expect During Treatment
During the treatment the body will actually feel warm and relaxed in the area being treated.

Our HILT Laser Therapy has been shown to have a cumulative effect. Each session builds upon the last in effectiveness. Some patients will feel immediate relief while others will begin to feel better more gradually over time. Each patient condition is unique and specific and we tailor the treatment as such.

What is Laser Therapy & How Does it Work?
The laser light energy from the device stimulates the body to begin healing at the cellular level through a series of biological and chemical processes.

Enhances Cell Growth & Repair
Cells begin to repair & reproduce by stimulating the basic cellular structures of the cell. Muscle, bone, ligaments & nerve tissues will repair and heal faster as a result of this exposure to Laser light energy.

Disruption & Softening of Scar Tissue
This Laser Therapy reduces the formation of new scar tissue that forms after injury as well as softens existing scar tissue. We are all familiar with a scar that forms when we scrap our skin after a fall, that very same thing happens on the inside when the body is injured. This scar tissue reduction is extremely important to the healing process, scar tissue has poor circulation, it is weaker than healthy tissue and most importantly it is prone to re-injury.

Pain Reduction
By signaling a production in certain cellular processes natural chemicals are produced by the body and enable the body to naturally decrease pain.

Chronic Pain Reset
Whether we like to believe it or not, pain that is chronic is embedded in our neurological system. For example, when we have pain in the shoulder our body memorizes that pain in the interneurons near our spine. This laser reaches deep down into the neurons and helps reset that chronic pain memory. It is not erased completely but it suppresses the nerve signal and does not allow for that transmission to the brain.

Decreases Swelling
Exposure to the light allows the blood vessels in the body to dilate as well as activates the lymphatic system thus effectively allowing the body to reduce swelling & inflammation.

Increases Blood Flow
Blood flow is increased as a direct result of the new formation of capillary systems within the damaged tissue that is stimulated by HILT. This enhances the ability to deliver more blood and thus more oxygen to damaged tissue allowing for proper nutrition to the cells and tissue in the damaged areas.

Enhances Nerve Function
This laser allows for an increase in nerve cell regeneration and as a result will improve the communication between the brain and the rest of the nervous system


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