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Christina Ann

Hi my name is Christina-Ann, I’ve been a part of the Body By Design team since 2010. My journey with Body By Design started as a patient. I was in a rear end collision back in 2009 when my car was stopped on the parkway and a car hit me from behind. Soon after I was experiencing severe headaches every single day, not knowing any better at the time I was taking up to 9 extra strength tylenol every single day, drinking caffeinated beverages because someone told me that would help with the headaches. The headaches never got better and seemed to be getting worse.

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Finally I was introduced to Dr. Ryan, he was the first doctor that actually sat down with me listened to what was going on, did a complete evaluation including x-rays and then spent time going over and explaining exactly what was wrong with me and empowering me to make the changes necessary to better my current state of health. It made so much sense, my spine was completely out of alignment putting pressure on my nervous system causing my severe headaches. I immediately started Corrective Chiropractic Care to fix my spine.

Dr. Ryan also taught me about proper nutrition and the rest was history. My headaches completely resolved, throughout this process I began to realize that there are other people out there exactly like me, struggling, in pain, not knowing where to turn. I was led to pursue my passion to help and guide others toward holistic natural healthcare so they too can learn that health comes from the inside out not outside in. All that I have learned here in the office has enabled me to be a loving wife and mother to my family. A quick fun fact about me is that I love to travel, exercise and spend time with my family.

Chiropractic Garden City NY Sydney


Hi, my name is Sydney! I joined the Body By Design team back in May of 2018. I am 21 years old. I love to travel, if there’s a beach and palm trees then that’s where I want to be! I have a huge heart for all animals, mostly dogs! My passion is music. I appreciate all music and growing up I was in a treble choir, honors choir and a mixed choir since I was in the 5th grade. I am an Aquarius, which is the humanitarian sign, which only makes sense to be working with Dr. Ryan because I love to teach, guide, and empower others.

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I came into this office not even aware of what life changing experiences I was going to experience. Part of the hiring process here at the office is to go through the entire new patient experience. It is Dr. Ryan’s true belief that we as team members must know exactly what someone is experiencing when they come to the office for the first time. Little did I know going through this experience would change my very own life. I was a headache suffer since the age of 9 years old, I had been to several different doctors, each giving me the same response…medication. It wasn’t until Dr. Ryan took x-rays of my spine that it all began to make sense. The headaches I was experiencing were actually coming from my neck. No one, besides Dr. Ryan, has taken the time to sit with me and explain to me what I was going through. Now I get adjusted regularly, do my in office and at home exercises, and my headaches have diminished more than I ever could’ve imagined! This experience has made me realize that there are so many people that feel the same way that I used to and now I can be that person to teach, guide, and empower others just like Dr. Ryan has done for me.

Chiropractic Garden City NY Jenny


Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I'm 21 years old. I recently graduated from Adlephi University with my bachelors degree in psychology. I've always known I've wanted to help people so being a part of a team like Body by Design seems only fitting for me. I am an avid fan of country music and love traveling to see concerts across the country! I am also an ocean lover! Any Sunday of the summer you can find me at the beach or on the boat! I've always liked learning and going to school, so it only makes sense that in my spare time I tutor and help others learn as well!

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I also went to Catholic school so I am a big fan of community service, so I've been a volunteer at my parish for the last 5 years being a Religious Education Instructor. I am very close with my family, they are constantly pushing me to my limits and making me better than I was the day before. My siblings and my nephew mean the world to me and if I'm not with my friends, I'm most definitely with them. Lastly, I love to motivate and radiate positive energy to others!

Chiropractic Garden City NY Amanda


Hi my name is Amanda! I joined the Body By Design Team January of 2019. I was born and raised right on Long Island just a few minutes away from our Garden City office. 4 years ago my better half and I moved from Long Island to San Antonio Texas, I was running away from the For a large part of my working career I was able to work with and for one of Long Island’s best hospitals. My time at St. Francis taught me to value, honor and care for patients as well as work side by side with some of the greatest doctors in the world.

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My time with them has given me all of the essential tools and skills needed to help Body By Design expand their vision and grow their mission of helping and serving the New York community by teaching, educating and caring for as many people as we possibly can. I am so happy and blessed that I am able to continue my journey in the healthcare field and make a huge impact in my hometown all the way from Texas.

Just a few more quick and fun facts about me, I am a brand new mom to an AMAZING little boy named Cameron, he is the best gift I have ever been blessed with <3. I love dogs (I have 2 of them) so 3 kids in total : ) I love the beach even though it’s not as easy to get to and I just love to help people!


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